The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

4 IS militants killed in Homs, and the cashes continue in the north of Lattakia

Lattakia Province: The clashes between the regime forces against the rebel and Islamic battalions are still taking place in al- Turkman Mountain in the north of Lattakia, initial information about advancement for the battalions.


The helicopters dropped barrel bombs on places in al- Turkman Mountain with no information about victims.



Hama Province: The warplanes carried out 2 raids on places in the villages of Mes’adah and Aqyrabat in the east of Hama.



Homs Province: The helicopters dropped barrel bombs on places in the village of al- Aamiriyyah in the northern countryside of Homs.


The Islamic battalions targeted by some shells a regime’s vehicle near al- Ghasibiyyah area leading to destroy it, and information about casualties on its crew.


The regime forces had arrested 6 civilians from their houses in Soq al- Ghanam and al- Ma’alef area in the city of Tadmor.


4 IS militants died in an attack carried out by IS on Om Jame’ area in the east of Homs, information reported casualties on the government troops’ ranks too.