Turkey terrorism is expanding, and the world watching • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Turkey terrorism is expanding, and the world watching

In a brief statement posted on his official account on Facebook, at dawn on Saturday, he stressed that Ankara would continue to transfer new batches of Syrian mercenaries to the western city of Misurata, in a flagrant challenge to international demands for calm and a ceasefire.

Libyan National Army spokesman, Ahmed Al-Mesmari, reiterated that Turkey continues to Transfer of mercenariesAnd supporting terrorism in countries, noting that it is expanding while the world is watching, as he put it.

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In addition, a video was posted on board an African Libyan company plane, showing the transfer of new batches of Syrian mercenaries to Misurata, Libya.

He also stressed that what Ankara is doing constitutes a violation of Arab and international resolutions, which prevent the transfer of mercenaries and foreign fighters to Libya.

He concluded by accusing “Turkey of supporting terrorism and crime in Libya and working to achieve its dreams of controlling the geographical territory of Libya and its capabilities and wealth,” as he put it, pointing out that the world is watching while Turkey is expanding.

16500 mercenaries in Libya

These statements come after the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights stated, earlier that the Turkish government continues to transfer the mercenaries of the pro-Syrian factions towards Libyan territory, to participate in military operations alongside the Al-Sarraj factions, and the process of arriving new batches during the past few days, coincided with the return of batches Another towards Syrian territory, after the expiry of their contracts there.

Syrian mercenaries in Libya
Syrian mercenaries in Libya

According to the statistics of the Observatory, the number of conscripts who have gone to Libyan territory so far, has increased to about 16,500 mercenaries of Syrian nationality, including 350 children under the age of 18, while about 5850 returned to Syria, after the end of their contracts and taking their financial dues.

In turn announced UN Sanctions Committee That Ankara sent between 7,000 and 15,000 Syrian fighters to Libya, adding that “the Syrian interim government in Turkey helped send troops to Libya.”

It also considered in a report yesterday, Friday, that Libya is turning into a large arms market, due to the violation of the arms embargo.

Source: Turkey terrorism is expanding, and the world watching | Arab Observer | الأوبزرفر العربي

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