The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The clashes continue in the coutryside of Idlib, while the Islamic battalions target the regime positions in Aleppo

Aleppo Province: The Islamic battalions launched some shells on the regime positions in the village of Bashkoy in the northern countryside of Aleppo. They also targeted a regime’s building by homemade shells that led destroy parts of it and information about casualties.


Some mortar shells landed on places near the neighborhood of al- Midan in the city of Aleppo leading to wound some people.


The helicopters dropped barrel bombs on the neighborhood of al- Myassar in the east of Aleppo with no information about victims.



Idlib Province: The clashes between the regime forces and the Islamic battalions are still taking place around the village of al- Msheirfah that overlooks on the highway of Idlib- Lattakia and around al- Moqbilah area which has been seized by the government troops, information reported casualties on both sides as well as destroying of 2 regime vehicles.  


The regime forces shelled the outskirts of Kafar Shlaya village in al- Zawiyyi Mountain and town of al- Hbeit in the south of Idlib.


The Nusra Front targeted the regime positions in al- Qarmid military camp, information reported casualties.