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A mysterious visit to Turkey’s intelligence to al-Wattiya base in Libya

Turkey continues to interfere in Libya’s affairs, supporting Accord Government against the Libyan army, and at a time when international voices are calling for the resumption of dialogue and an end to escalation between the conflicting parties, Turkey is sending its intelligence to al-Wattiya base.

Turkey adheres to the Libyan file, sending more mercenaries, according to what the army has repeatedly emphasized, in addition to a report issued by the Pentagon last week, and successive reports of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

After the Libyan army confirmed, on Tuesday evening, that Ankara had begun sending mercenaries belonging to several non-Syrian nationalities as well, information reported, at dawn on Wednesday, that a team of Turkish intelligence arrived on a direct flight from Turkey to al-Wattiya air base, according to Al-Arabiya Network.

The sources added that the Turkish team, which did not know the specifics of its visit, stayed inside the base for a few hours, then left for Turkey.

Last May, the Libyan army withdrew from that base, for the government-backed Accord Government to enter it, while observers of the Libyan case, if GNA stuck to al-Wattiya base, opened the way for Turkey to turn it into a permanent military base in Libya, given its strategic location in North Africa and its proximity to the Mediterranean and Europe.

Source: A mysterious visit to Turkey’s intelligence to al-Wattiya base in Libya – ANHA | HAWARNEWS | English