The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

5 fighters from the Islamic battalions killed around al- Mastomah Camp, while clashes renew in Lattakia

Idlib Province: 5 fighters from the Islamic and rebel battalions died yesterday in clashes with the regime forces around al- Mastomah military camp in the south of Idlib City. A girl from the town of Saraqeb died after she was wounded due to dropping barrel bombs on a shelter in the town days ago. A lieutenant in the government troops died in clashes with the Nusra Front and Islamic battalions around al- Mastomah Camp. Some people died when 2 fighters of the Nusra Front blew up themselves day before yesterday in the city of Ariha. A member from the pro- regime local militiamen died of wounds in clashes with the rebel and Islamic battalions around the town of al- Fo’ah.  


The warplanes carried out some raids on places in the city of Idlib leading to injure some people, initial information reported death of others. The helicopters dropped barrel bombs on the town of al- Taman’ah.


Lattakia Province: The clashes between the regime forces and allied militiamen against the rebel and Islamic battalions renewed in places in al- Turkman Mountain, amid shelling by the regime forces on places in the northern countryside of Lattakia.


The Islamic battalions targeted the regime positions in Dorin mountain, information reported casualties.