Turkish-backed factions' violations | "Al-Sultan Murad" blackmails civilians returning to their homes, and the people of Ras al-Ain fear factions' violations • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Turkish-backed factions’ violations | “Al-Sultan Murad” blackmails civilians returning to their homes, and the people of Ras al-Ain fear factions’ violations

Turkish-backed factions at security checkpoints in the “Peace Spring” areas, are committing the most egregious types of violations against civilians in general and indigenous landowners in particular. 

According to Observatory sources, one of the security checkpoint of “Al-Sultan Murad” faction, which links with the village of Al-Alia in SDF-held areas, blackmails civilians returning to their homes in the city of Ras al-Ain and countryside, after being displaced by military operation “Peace Spring” from their areas to camps in SDF-held areas.

According to Syrian Observatory sources, “Al-Sultan Murad” members take money and jewellers from these returnees, beating them and sometimes humiliating them with the aim of harassing them. The members of the checkpoint attacked a family of a man, a woman and two girls, while returning to their home in Ras al-Ain.

It is worth nothing that all crossings are closed between SDF-held areas and areas held by Turkish-backed factions, where civilians use smuggling routes to reach their homes.

Civilians in Ras al-Ain fear the increase in the factions’ violations against non-Arab components in particular. These violations are armed robberies carried out by gangs in areas held by Turkish-backed factions, and harassment of civilians in various ways, including sexual harassment of girls, with the aim of forcing families to leave their areas.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has monitored an increase in fuel oil smuggling operations to the “Peace Spring” areas, which are under the control of Turkish-backed factions.

According to Observatory sources, diesel tanks take a road between the town of Tal Tamer and the city of Ain Issa, unloading their cargo in small cars with a capacity of about 12 barrels, in a demilitarized zone near the Turkish base between the villages of Alia and Mabrouka on the Aleppo-Hasaka international road.

Small cars loaded with diesel head to Ras al-Ain countryside, entering the areas held by Turkish-backed factions, passing through a security checkpoint belonging to “Al-Sultan Murad division”, about 10 km south-west of the city. The checkpoint allowes the cars to pass for more than 25,000 Syrian pounds per car, as well as insulting and controlling drivers.

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