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Exploitation | “Watad” company provokes people in Idlib, raising fuel prices

SOHR eyewitnesses say that a group of young men held a vigil at “Al-Sa’a” Square in Idlib city, rejecting the decisions of HTS’ “Watad” company to raise fuel prices.

The demonstrators accused “Watad” company of stealing and seizing their money by raising prices and switching from the Syrian currency to Turkish lira.

The demonstrators have carried placards that read “After each drone attack, the people pay the price”.

The Syrian Observatory has monitored widespread public discontent and anger in Idlib city and HTS-held areas, following the rise in fuel prices according to the Turkish lira.

The rise of prices has reached 30 Turkish piasters for fuel, 25 pts for European diesel and 15 pts for refined oil, and the gas cylinder maintained its previous price.

Meanwhile, the “Watad” company did not explain the reason for the second rise after the beginning of dealing in Turkish lira instead of the Syrian pound.

On July 31, SOHR sources reported hearing loud explosions in areas north of Idlib city, caused by unidentified drone attack, believed to be of the International Coalition, on HTS-affiliated “Watad” company’s fuel market. The drone fired three missiles on the market on the outskirts of Sarmada which caused large fires. 

On July 18, Observatory sources reported that a drone carried out several airstrikes, targeting the fuel market of “Watad” company in Sarmada town in the northern countryside of Idlib. The attack caused material damage.

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