The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

16 people killed in Idlib, and the regime forces arrest some people in the village of al- Bayda in Banyas

Idlib Province: 5 children and a man killed due to dropping barrel bombs on places in the city of Ma’arret al- Nu’man. The number of fighters of the Nusra and Islamic battalions who died in clashes around the military camp of al- Mastomah has risen to 6, including a field commander. A citizen at least killed due to fall of shells on the city of Ariha. 3 other people killed due to fall of shells launched by the rebel and Islamic battalions on places in the city of Jeser al- Shagour.


The regime forces shelled places in the town of Sarmin leading to kill a young man while other people were wounded.


The Islamic battalions targeted by mortar shells and homemade shells the regime positions in al- Qermid checkpoint and town of Nahlayya in the west of Ariha, information reported casualties.


Hama Province: The warplanes carried out some raids on places in the villages of Abo Dali, Soha and Qlib al- Thour.


The regime forces shelled areas in the villages of Qlidin, Qastoun, Zayzoun, al- Enkawi and al- Manara.


Clashes took place between IS and the regime forces near the village of Qlib al- Thour with information about casualties on both sides.


A regime members killed due to targeting a car on the road linking between the two areas of Abdul Aziz and Qbaybat in the east of Hama.


Tartous Province: The regime forces carried out raids against people’s houses in the village of al- Bayda in the city of Banyas, information reported arresting of some people.