The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

A captain killed in al- Suwaydaa, and bombing a tunnel in the neighborhood of Jobar

Al- Suwaydaa Province: A captain in the government troops died in clashes with the Nusra Front and Islamic battalions in the neighborhood of jobar. A man from the city of al- Suwaydaa tortured to death inside the regime jails.


Damascus Province: A loud explosion was heard in the neighborhood of Jobar caused by bombing a tunnel on the outskirts of the neighborhood that has witnessed violent clashes since 2 days in an attempt by the Nusra and battalions to retake al- Taybah area within the battle of “Ras al- Sofof” announced by them.


The government troops launched some shells on places in al- Yarmouk Camp.


A body of a man was found in his houses after he was murdered by unknown gunmen in al- Yarmouk Camp 2 days ago.


Fighters of an Islamic brigade targeted a regime vehicle by an IED, information reported victims.