The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

41 people killed in the last 24 hours due to aerial bombardment on Aleppo and Rif Dimashq

Rif Dimashq Province: The regime forces opened fire and shelled places in the city of al- Zabadani. S suspected surface- to- surface missiles landed on the town of Zebdin in the Eastern Ghouta.


Clashes have taken place since this morning around the town of al- Taybah in the west of Rif Dimashq, accompanied with shelling by the regime on the town.


The number of people who were killed due to carrying out some raids on the Eastern Ghouta has risen to 15; 6 in Doma, including 2 children, and 9 in Harasta, including 2 women and the oppositionist Mahmoud Mdallal who launched the first flame of revolution in the Eastern Ghouta.  


Aleppo Province: The number of people, who are all from the same family, killed due to aerial bombardment on IS- held village of Sharba’ in the city of al- Bab has risen to 9 at least, including children and women. A man from al- Sulaymaniyyah died after he was wounded due to launching shells by the rebels on the neighborhood. Thus, the number of people who died due to aerial bombardment on the east and northeast of Aleppo has risen to 26, including children.


Clashes took place yesterday night between the regime forces against the Nusra Front and Islamic battalions in the village of Hjarah Gharbiyya near Khanaser in the south of Aleppo. Other clashes took place yesterday night between Ansra al Din Front, the rebel and Islamic battalions against the regime forces supported Hezbollah and al- Baath battalions in the neighborhood of Jam’eyyet al- Zahraa, information reported casualties on both sides.



The warplanes carried out 6 raids on places around the airbase of Kwayres that has been besieged by IS militants leading to kill 10 members of IS.