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Syrian Communist Party leader John Nesta: The Islamic Awakening has receded… elections of the People’s Assembly are “a joke” and Caesar act will not bring down the regime

The Syrian crisis has gone through many different stages and developments, according to the leader of the Communist Party, a member of the Coordinating Committee, Dr. John Nesta. “The popular and peaceful uprising against the totalitarian regime was met with extreme and excessive violence, which led to defections by officers and soldiers in the army and police who took up arms to defend the demonstrators and protect civilians, known as the Free Army, but soon began regional interventions at the request of the United States of America and its allies, by sending tens of thousands of Islamic jihadists across the borders of Turkey and other neighbouring countries, prompting the Assad regime to use the Lebanese Hezbollah first, then his ally Iran”.

“With this, the uprising has turned into militarization and Islamism, and it was hijacked by reactionary apostasy and Syria was introduced into a new phase that disappointed the Syrian people and divided them into three categories: one group that stands with the regime, one group that stands with the opposition, and a grey group waiting for the victory of one of the two teams,” Nesta said.

Mr. Nesta describes the military solution as a “failure”, pointing out that after UN Security Council Resolution 2254, hopes for a negotiated political solution were revived, but “it is complicated again after the Kurdish-American alliance and the entry of Turkey militarily and the occupation of parts of the north and north-west of Syrian territory”.

“We are waiting for an international understanding between the Russian Federation, the United States, Turkey and Iran to support the negotiating process and force the regime to be serious about making the required concessions,” Nesta said, adding that he is not very optimistic in this direction, adding that “Therefore, there is talk of forming a civilian military council to lead the next transition”.

He added: “On October 2, 2011, the formation of the Syrian National Council was announced in the Turkish city of Istanbul, and it included the Muslim Brotherhood, the forces of the Damascus Declaration and some academic and intellectual opponents abroad, to be as the sole representative of the Syrian opposition, ignoring the opposition at home, which refused to enter into a bargain with the ruling regime after it presented to the National Coordination Council the nomination of lawyer Hassan Abdul Azim, the general coordinator of the Commission as a vice-president of the Republic and member of the Executive Office Dr. Abdul Aziz al-Khair as minister of foreign affairs”.

“On the other hand, the National Council and the National Coalition of Revolutionary and Opposition Forces encouraged violence and took up arms and called for military intervention by Turkey and western countries,” he said, adding that “the West disappointed them and did not intervene, leaving the order of support with money and arms to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and other Gulf states, saving itself the financial burdens and its human victims, following the strategy of letting Arabs, Syrians, jihadists and Hezbollah slaughter each other and destroy Syria to become a weak state and possibly divided for at least 30 years, regardless of who will win this senseless war, so that the State of the Zionist entity becomes safe and secure from an important confrontational state on its northern borders, Syria”.

After the failure of the National Coordinating Committee for the Forces for Democratic Change and the Speaker of the National Assembly to sign a statement of understanding on a peaceful political solution, the National Council and the coalition launched a deliberate campaign of betrayal against the Coordinating Body, accusing it of cooperating with the ruling regime and its workers, after it became clear that the military solution was difficult, and the prophecy of the Coordinating Body was fulfilled. He added: “The European Union saw in the Coordinating Body of the Forces for Democratic Change, an equal match with the coalition that considered itself the sole representative of the Syrian revolution, and accordingly and on the Vienna II agreement, Saudi Arabia sponsored the hosting of a conference of the Syrian opposition, which saw the recognition of all parties that a peaceful political solution is the best solution”.

Nesta added that in light of the erosion and decline of the coalition’s political career and the disclosure of financial irregularities, bribes and scandals, an internal rift began, embodied by many resignations, including Michel Kilo, Samira Al-Salama, Suhair al-Atassi, Dr. Walid al-Bunni, Anwar Badr, Zakaria Al-Sagal, George Sabra, Samir Nashar and others, to deteriorate the coalition’s reputation rapidly, hence a political gap on the Syrian political scene, and it had to be filled.

Nesta spoke about the new political initiative of the National Coordination Body, which called for the formation of a national democratic front or a democratic pole, and said that multiple political parties interacted with the initiative and formed the so-called “Preparatory Committee for the Formation of the National Democratic Front”, with the aim of bringing together independent national forces, parties and personalities, while at the same time concluding joint understandings, alliances and struggles between them and the Amarjiye-Dijani organization for democracy.

Regarding the statements of some Syrian opponents that the latest solution in Syria is in the hands of the United States, Nesta said: “It must be recognized that Washington continues to be the main pole in today’s world, economically, militarily and politically, despite the rapid rise of the Chinese pole. It is the United States that has supported the Zionist entity in all its aggressive projects towards the Palestinian people and the Syrian people”. He added: “Despite Russia’s military and political positioning in the regime’s control areas and playing its major role in determining its policy, it is unable without understanding with the United States to impose the solution it sees, hence the convictions of some politicians and opponents that the solution is ultimately in the hands of the Americans, ignoring the role of the Syrian people and their national democratic forces in the struggle for democratic change and liberation and achieving their geographical unity”.

John Nesta called for the withdrawal of all foreign armies and militias from Syrian territory, accusing part of theabroad opposition, led by the coalition, of “blessing the Turkish occupation process and its efforts to disrupt the occupied Syrian territory by introducing the Turkish currency and imposing the Turkish language in schools and demographic change”. “At the same time, we condemn Iranian projects to infiltrate Syrian society and change its culture, and the acquisition of land and homes in the capital and other sensitive areas,” he added, stressing that “all this foreign presence has put Syria’s sovereignty and independence in the wind”.

Regarding the legislative elections, the Syrian opposition said that during the 50 years of the rule of the Assad family, the elections held by the so-called People’s Assembly constituted a mockery and a farce in the eyes of the oppressed Syrians, pointing out that the results are decided before the conduct, adding: “This council, although it contains only the regime’s loyalists, it has no authority over the executive branch, it is a council of clappers”.

Nesta said that the regime by calling for these elections wants to confirm its lost legitimacy, while five million Syrians live as refugees in neighbouring countries: Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and also Iraq, and a similar figure displaced inside Syria, along with about three million living in Idlib outside the regime’s control.

He accused the regime of disrupting the political solution and defying UN Security Council Resolution 2254 to form a consensual governing body with full executive powers during the transition. He stressed that the Preparatory Committee for the Formation of the National Democratic Front or Democratic Pole and the Amarjiye-Dijani Organization will issue a statement condemning these elections, refuting all the regime’s claims and calling on the remaining people on the ground to boycott them, despite heightened security pressures.

With regard to the reformed regime of Syria, Nesta spoke about the experiences of Syria, where the country went through a successful post-independence period of liberal democracy, which was interrupted in some stages by a military dictatorship, but returned in 1954 to practice the democratic process, and formed a stage between 1954 and 1958 the golden stage in its modern history, from a freely elected parliamentary council to a conscious party activity, freedom of the press and the establishment of associations and clubs in all disciplines.

According to the leader of the Communist Party, the living crisis that grinds the majority of the Syrian people continues for a long time because of the economic and social policies adopted by the ruling regime since Mr. Al-Dardari took the policy of economic openness and market economy in 2010, pointing out that the internal war also decimated the country and reached the rates of poverty, unemployment and corruption, to stages not known to the country since the end of the first world war, where the poverty rate now reached 85 percent among the people, and the came Caesar Act to make it worse.

He pointed out that the Act will not harm the ruling group, as it knows well how to circumvent sanctions and continue to live the life of extravagance and good living, at the expense of the impoverished people, considering that this Act will not bring down the regime as it did not bring down previous regimes that were hit by the economic blockade such as Cuba, Iran and the regime of Saddam Hussein, in addition to Venezuela now, but the public will remain the only one affected.

Asked about the hypothetical support for peace talks with Israel to restore the occupied Golan Heights, Nesta said: “We in the Syrian Communist Party – the political bureau,  do not support negotiations with the Israeli enemy occupying Syrian territory, the balance of power is dysfunctional in favour of Israel, and here we call for the liberation of all occupied Syrian territories, by all internationally legitimate means: peace or armed resistance, or war if the conditions are there”.

With regard to the criticism directed to the left-wing both in Syria and in the region, Dr. John Nesta said that “Since the Iranian revolution, which was dominated by mullahs led by Khomeini, Syria has been living in the so-called Islamic awakening, which was also supported by the Saudi regime, which was described as Wahhabi”.

He added: “this Islamic awakening” resulted in the birth of dark forces influenced by the ideas of Sayyid Qutb, referring to the current wave of Shiite regimes in Iraq that dominated the government. The Islamic wave began to recede, especially with the fall of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt in 2013”. Nesta said the decline will open the way for the left-wing movement to rise again, expressing “optimism about the future of the left in general, including the Marxist left”.

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