The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

For the first time, clashes erupt inside the city of Jeser al- Shagour

Idlib province: Cross- cutting information reported to SOHR that dound of firing was heard near the roundabout of Lattakia in the city of Jeser al- Shagour,. The sources confirmed that the sounds of firing caused by clashes between the regime forces and allied militiamen against fighters of the Islamic factions who could enter into the city and positioned near the roundabout. The clashes resulted in the death of 3 fighters from the Islamic factions. Other clashes took place between the same parties around the sugar plant, amid advancement for the Islamic factions in the area. Meanwhile, the clashes continue around the two military camps of al- Mastomah and al- Qermid leading to kill 2 fighters from the factions. A captain in the government forces died in clashes win the Nusra Front and Islamic factions in the countryside of Idlib.


The helicopters dropped a barrel bomb on the town of al- Janudiyyi in leading to wound some people.