The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Coronavirus | 100 confirmed cases in Aleppo city, and three people died including medical staff

The city of Aleppo and suburbs are experiencing an outbreak of the coronavirus, coinciding with poor living conditions and lack of health services in the city centres.

According to SOHR sources, about 100 new cases were recorded in Aleppo city during the past days and hours in neighborhoods of Salah al-Din, Al-Adhamiya and Saif al-Dawla, three of which died, including a nurse working at Ibn Rushd hospital yesterday.

According to SOHR medical sources, the number of infected people have risen significantly in Aleppo province in recent days, making Aleppo the most coronavirus recorded cases besides Damascus and countryside, in light of the disastrous medical situation.

According to SOHR statistics, based on reports obtained from reliable medical sources in regime-controlled areas, the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases has reached 5,835.

600 of which have recovered while 477 people have died of coronavirus.

The cases are distributed in all Syrian provinces. However, most of the deaths and infection cases have been in Damascus and countryside.