The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

17 airstrikes in one hour | Russian jets strike areas in northern Idlib, near Iskenderun border

Russian jets are still flying over the northern countryside of Idlib, near the border with Iskenderun region,  executing airstrikes on the area, and bringing the number of Russian airstrikes in nearly one hour to 17. The airstrikes hit the area of Sheikh Bahr and its vicinity, as well as the surrounding areas of Harbanoush, north of Idlib city. However, no casualties have been reported yet.

It is worth noting that the targeted region hosts a number of refugee camps and camps affiliated to Hayyaat Tahrir Al-Sham.


SOHR activists have just reported seeing Russian jets flying over Idlib, executing more than five airstrikes on positions on the outskirts of Maarrat Misrin town and Sheikh Bahr village in the northern countryside of Idlib. No casualties were reported yet.


On August 3, SOHR sources reported Russian airstrikes on places in Binnish in Idlib countryside, which left many casualties . The Russian jets also executed more than 12 airstrikes on July 14, targeting towns and villages in the southern countryside of Idlib.