The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Attempts to strengthen presence in NE Syria | US forces visit village in rural Al-Qamishly

Syrian Observatory activists have monitored three US armoured vehicles and SDF-affiliated vehicle visiting Dier Ghosn village in Al-Qahtaniyyah countryside in rural Al-Qamishly in the far north-eastern Syria, near the Syria-Turkey border. The US forces met with several residents, reassuring that they would stay in the area. In addition, US soldiers took pictures with children in the village.


On August 16, Reliable sources told SOHR that a delegation of US forces in several military vehicles visited the villages of Kasan and Deir Ghosn in the countryside of Al-Malikiyyah and Al-Qahtaniyyah, near the Syria-Turkey border in the far north-eastern Syria. The US forces met with several residents and listened to their demands which centered on the need for the return of security in the area. These visits come as a part of US efforts to gain the trust of the residents in the wake of the Russians’ attempts to dominate the region.