Corruption | Chaos and domination of "Salvation Government" increase corruption of organizations and sale of food allocations in Idlib markets • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Corruption | Chaos and domination of “Salvation Government” increase corruption of organizations and sale of food allocations in Idlib markets

Chaos and the domination of a large group of HTS and the “Salvation Government” contribute to the spread of corruption, and the manipulation of contracts and support allocated to the people despite its scarcity.

In this context, “Nasa’im al-Khair” has signed a contract with a number of local councils in the north-western countryside of Idlib, to distribute food baskets for six months, with posters hung on the doors of the local councils, containing the quantity and type of material in the food basket.

SOHR sources have reported that the organization and local councils distributed for two consecutive months according to the quantity and number announced, while the quantity inside the food basket decreased in the third month, as they reduced the amount of oil from four liters to only two liters. The amount of flour from ten kg to five kg, and reduced the amount of bulgur and lentils from five kg to two kg, and maintained the amount of the canned goods in the food basket.

Meanwhile, “Ataa” relief and development organization has signed a 90-day contract with several local councils in the north-western Idlib countryside to distribute free bread to displaced people with the support of  “Qatar Charity”.

According to Observatory sources, “Ataa” relief and development organization ceased distribution after 20 days of operation and violated the contract signed with the charitable supporting organization, thus keeping 70 days of the contract without supporting the beneficiaries.

The population of Idlib is living in a difficult humanitarian situation, with the proliferation of hundreds of makeshift camps, coinciding with reduced support from humanitarian organizations, as well as widespread corruption.

Idlib is witnessing a large proliferation of relief materials provided by the organizations in merchants’ warehouses. Large stores have been set up to buy and sell these materials because of their cheap prices. Families sometimes have to sell some allotment and buy more necessary things.

Residents complain about the corruption of these organizations and local councils appointed by the “Salvation Government”, and the theft of their allocations without impartial oversight.

HTS and the “Rescue Government” are a key partner in the theft, as humanitarian organizations are one of their most important resources.

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