Ongoing tension in Ras al-Ain and countryside | Turkish delegation visits the region, and factions ally against "al-Hamza Division" • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Ongoing tension in Ras al-Ain and countryside | Turkish delegation visits the region, and factions ally against “al-Hamza Division”

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has monitored this afternoon a great tension in Ras al-Ain (Seri Kanier), following clashes between two Turkish-backed factions which left two people dead.

The appointment of the new director of Ras al-Ain border crossing with Turkey remains an issue, which sparks disputes and divisions among Turkish-backed factions, while those factions formed an alliance against “al-Hamza Division”, which supports the new director of the crossing.

On the other hand, “Ahrar al-Sharqia” sent in reinforcement to the village of Masba’a in Ras al-Ain countryside for the third day in a row.

Moreover, a Turkish delegation from the Turkish base near the village of Masba’a visited and met with elders and dignitaries there to discuss the situation and calm things down.

Reliable SOHR sources have confirmed that gunmen of the Turkish-backed “Al-Hamzat Division” forced several people to close their shops in Ras Al-Ain city (Sere Kaniye), after the division’s members distributed leaflets calling for staging a sit-in against the city’s local council.

According to SOHR sources, gunmen of “Al-Hamzat Division” assaulted and brutally beat a civilian as he refused to close his shop. “Al-Hamzat Division” is attempting to force the people of Ras Al-Ain to demonstrate against the city’s civil council for “rejecting the appointment of the brother of Al-Hamzat Division’s leader as the director of the border crossing with Turkey”.

Yesterday, SOHR sources reported growing tension between residents and the Turkish-backed military police for the second consecutive day, in the Turkish-controlled village of Masbagha in Ras Al-Ain countryside (Seri Kanier) in the “Peace Spring” areas.

Meanwhile, Observatory activists monitored tribal elders and dignitaries participating in protests, expressing their solidarity with the local council in Ras al-Ain, which announced suspension of work a day earlier, in rejection to the appointment of a new director of the border crossing with Turkey in Ras Al Ain.

The demonstrators called for putting an end to the violations of the factions and demanded them leave civilian areas.

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