The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

8 people killed in Homs yesterday, and the Islamic battalions destroy a regime tank in Sahel al- Ghab

Hama Province: Areas in the village of al- Ankawi in Sahel al- Ghab were shelled by the regime fores yesterday night.


The Islamic battalions targeted by a rocket a regime tank in al- Qahera checkpoint in Sahel al- Ghab leading to destroy it and information about casualties on its crew.


Homs Province: The regime forces opened fire on the neighborhood of al- Wa’er in the city of Homs and places in the towns of Samlin and al- Yadodah causing material damages. They also shelled places in al- Hlaliyyah and Om Sharshoh areas in the north of Homs.


The number of people who were killed in Homs yesterday has risen to 8, including woman and children.