Routine patrols | US forces tour areas nearby Al-Shaddadi • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Routine patrols | US forces tour areas nearby Al-Shaddadi

SOHR activists have reported seeing a US military patrol touring surrounding areas of Al-Shaddadi city, south of Al-Hasakah city. this patrol comes as a part of US routine movements in the region.


Yesterday, SOHR sources confirmed that a US patrol chased a Russian patrol nearby Al-Qahtaniyah town (Tirbespi) in the eastern countryside of Al-Qamishli. The incident, which was a part of repeated skirmishes between US and Russian forces in north-eastern Syria, coincided with flights by two Russian helicopters over the area.


On August 19, Observatory activists monitored three US armoured vehicles and SDF-affiliated vehicle visiting Dier Ghosn village in Al-Qahtaniyyah countryside in rural Al-Qamishly in the far north-eastern Syria, near the Syria-Turkey border. The US forces met with several residents, reassuring that they would stay in the area. In addition, US soldiers took pictures with children in the village.

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