The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Many Russian jets fly over Idlib province, and “Khattab Al-Shishani” Battalions claims attack on Turkish-Russian joint patrol

Syrian Observatory activists have monitored frequent flights by Russian jets over Idlib province, along with frequent flights by Russian reconnaissance drones over south and east Idlib countryside.


These frequent flights follow the attack on the Turkish-Russian joint patrol with RPG nearby Uram Al-Juz in western Idlib, which has damaged a Russian armoured vehicle and injured two Russian soldiers.


On the other hand, a group known as “Khattab Al-Shishani” Battalions claimed today’s attack on the joint patrol. These battalions claimed previous attacks on Russian-Turkish joint patrols on M4. However, it is not known yet to which body this group affiliated.


SOHR sources reported earlier this morning intensive deployment of Turkish troops along Latakia-Aleppo international highway (M4) in south and west Idlib countryside, as a part of preparations to run a joint patrol with the Russians.


A Russian-Turkish joint patrol later set off from Tarnabeh village in eastern Idlib, heading Ain Hour area in northern Latakia. However, the patrol came under attack once again, as a Russian armored vehicle was shot with RPG nearby Uram Al-Juz in western Idlib, but no casualties have been reported.