The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

​​​​​​​Private sources … Starting transfer of 1st batch of Syrian mercenaries to Azerbaijan

Special sources told our agency on Friday that the Turkish occupation began to transfer the first batch of Syrian mercenaries in the north of the country to Azerbaijan, two months after preparations.

Sources that did not reveal their identity for security reasons, indicated on Friday that dozens of mercenaries of the so-called “National Army” deployed in the occupied areas in northern Syria, especially Afrin and Azaz have begun to move to Azerbaijan via Turkish territory.

Turkey is seeking to involve Syrian mercenaries and Turkish soldiers in the ongoing conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, similar to Libya, to which Turkey has transferred 15,000 Syrian mercenaries. According to statistics circulated by international websites and newspapers, nearly 500 of whom were killed, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

The source stated that one of the secret offices for registering names is located in the city of Azaz, while the other office is in Afrin.

The Syrian mercenaries are being transported to Azerbaijan via Turkish airports after preparations made by Turkey during the past two months.

The source confirmed that the Turkish occupation concluded contracts with the mercenary factions from 3 to 6 months for $ 5,000 a month.

This follows the announcement by Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar that “Turkey will stand by Azerbaijan in its war against Armenia,” while the Ministry confirmed the arrival of Turkish officers and soldiers to the Azerbaijani territories last July.

Azerbaijan and Armenia have been locked in a struggle since the 1990s to tighten control over Qara Bagh Mountains that lie between the two countries, while the intensity of the battles sometimes escalates to include other contact areas, as Azerbaijan declared that the number of its soldiers who were killed reached 4 in addition to wounding 5 others, while the Armenian army confirmed the killing of one of its soldiers in the region earlier.

Source: ​​​​​​​Private sources … Starting transfer of 1st batch of Syrian mercenaries to Azerbaijan – ANHA | HAWARNEWS | English