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HTS security campaign | Six non-Syrian jihadists arrested near Iskenderun border

Reliable sources have told SOHR that HTS amassed troops in Harem town in Idlib countryside, near the border with Iskenderun region, where it arrested six non-Syrian jihadists after storming their houses and headquarters.


Observatory sources have just reported that HTS security service launched a large-scale security campaign, targeting the affiliates of the “Islamic Party of Liberation” in Atma town in northern Idlib, near the border with Iskenderun region. HTS arrested tens of the party’s affiliates after storming their houses. HTS also attacked a demonstration by women calling for the release of detainees in HTS prisons, and opened fire indiscriminately with the aim of dispersing the protesters.


It is worth noting that the “Islamic Party of Liberation” is a political formation whose stated aim is “the re-establishment of the Islamic Caliphate”. In addition, activities of the “Islamic Party of Liberation” have been noticeably escalated in the recent times in areas under the control of Hayyaat Tahrir Al-Sham, as the party has criticised all rebel and jihadi factions, regarding them as “traitorous and agents of foreign states”.


The “Islamic Party of Liberation” is one of the most prominent bodies rejecting the Russian-Turkish agreement concerning the “de-escalation zone”. The party is working recently on showing HTS commanders as traitors, including “Mohammed Al-Julani” the HTS leader whom the party describes during its symposiums in areas controlled by HTS as “an agent of Turkey”.


Moreover, the party periodically distribute leaflets to the residents, calling for the suspension of dealing with foreign countries and the need for establishing a “Caliphate” state, as well as defaming all armed formations which controls territories beyond the control of regime forces and allies.

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