The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Vandalism and looting | Turkish-backed factions take apart power pylons in rural Ras Al-Ain

Reliable sources have informed SOHR that Turkish-backed factions steal electricity power towers and pylons in “Peace Spring” areas in Ras Al-Ain countryside. According to SOHR sources members of “Ahrar Al-Sharqiyyah” and “Sultan Murad” took apart electricity power towers and pylons in the villages of Matlah, Lazqah, Beit Jamalu, Beit Takno and Tal Sakhr in Ras Al-Ain countryside.


The Turkish-backed militiamen took the stolen towers and pylons to outdoor places near the warehouses where other stolen objects have been stored, in preparation to sell them in Turkey as scrap.


On the other hand Turkish-backed factions continue looting civilians’ properties in “Peace Spring” areas, amid ongoing inaction by Turkey.


On August 25, Observatory sources confirmed that Turkish-backed militiamen stole public and private properties in Marix village in al-Hasakah countryside, such as electrical cables. The militiamen also took off doors, windows and water tanks.


While on August 14, reliable SOHR sources confirmed that Turkish-backed factions stole power grid cables in the “Peace Spring” areas, to be recycled and melted into aluminum and copper alloys, then sold in Turkey.