The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

“Peace Spring” areas | Armed fight erupts among Turkish-backed factions in rural Tal Tamr

SOHR sources reported fierce clashes with light and medium weapons erupted between gunmen of “Sultan Murad” and another armed group of “Al-Hamzat Division” villages in the western countryside of Tal Tamr in “Peace Spring” areas in Al-Hasakah countryside. Reliable reports confirmed there area casualties on both sides. However, the reasons behind this armed fight have yet to be known.


On August 11, SOHR sources reported that villages in the “Peace Spring” areas in al-Hasakeh countryside experienced infighting among Turkish-backed factions, following a dispute over revenue-sharing of stolen objects they looted from civilian houses in the areas of Ras al-Ain and Tal Tamer.


According to Observatory sources, clashes erupted in the villages of Shallah, Thyabiya and Rayhania between the members of Sultan Murad and Ahrar al-Sharqqiya, as Sultan Murad sold the Ahrar al-Sharqiya’s share of the stolen objects.