"I will rest in peace and ease burdens upon you" | Boy commits suicide in Homs • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights
The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

“I will rest in peace and ease burdens upon you” | Boy commits suicide in Homs

As the war continues in Syria for the tenth consecutive year, the Syrian people throughout the country have been still suffering from its disastrous repercussions.


The economic crisis and deteriorating living conditions pose a real curse to all Syrians who have stayed in their country, not to mention the security vacuum, proliferation of arms, lack of the minimum levels of basic necessities (drinking water, electricity, food and medical supplies), high prices of staples and essential products, and the civlian’s low income due to the increasing ratio of unemployment and lack of job opportunities.


All these factors have left negative impact on the overall social situation and the family bounding of people in Syria.


A 15-year old boy called “Omar Al-Khateeb” died yesterday in “Bab Al-Dayrab” neighbourhood in Homs city, after he hung himself to death in his father’s house which has been still under construction. According to SOHR sources, a piece of paper was found with the boy with a note written on it read “I’m Sorry, Dad. I am so tired and cannot stand all this. This decision makes me feel rest and eases burdens upon you and my mother.”


SOHR sources have suggested that the boy complained from psychological pressure in the wake of the repeated dispute between the boy and his parents because of poverty, as the boy’s family say, which led him to committing suicide.