The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Stifling heat in northern Syria | Several people in refugee camps pass out, amid inhumane situations

Heat waves have struck the northern Syria region for days with high temperature exceeded 40 decrees Celsius, along with power outages in most areas which host displaced people from different Syrian provinces.


As always, the inhabitants of refugee camps in Idlib and Aleppo province find them in trouble with every change in weather, especially with the lack of means which may tone down such suffocating heat. Tents in these camps cannot protect the displaced people from the hot summer, as they are made of low quality and light cloth with no isolations blocking the direct sunrays.


The recent heat waves come to worsen the inhumane situation of the displaced people who have been forced to leave their areas and obligated to live in such uninhabitable tents where they suffer from the lack of minimum levels of basic necessities.


In this context, SOHR sources have reported that several people have passed out due to the heat waves striking the northern Syria region. Observatory activists have documented fainting spells of two civilians in a makeshift camp, “Ahl Al-Tah Camp”, in the west of Maarrat Misrin city in northern Idlib.


Meanwhile, a lot of people resort to the shadow of olive trees as their tents have been turned into “sauna rooms”, as they describe.