SOHR | "Reports of Turkish reinforcement and military movements in 'Peace Spring' areas untrue" • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

SOHR | “Reports of Turkish reinforcement and military movements in ‘Peace Spring’ areas untrue”

SOHR sources say that reports of military reinforcement of Turkish forces and proxy factions entering in the past 72 hours to frontlines of rural Ras al-Ain in the “Peace of Spring”, adjacent to SDF-held areas, are untrue.

According to Observatory sources, the Turkish forces set up surveillance cameras and deployed snipers at the bases of Bab al-Khair and Dawoudia. No new military changes have been reported in the area. Turkish forces are still routinely roaming the areas of “Peace Spring”. A Turkish armored vehicle roamed, today at 2 p.m., between the villages of Um Ushbeh and Bab al-Khair in countryside of Abu Racine.

On September 2, the Syrian Observatory monitored the displacement of families from the town of Abu Racine and countryside and the city of Darbasiya to the city of Hasaka, after circulating information about an imminent Turkish attack on the area.

According to Observatory sources, about 10% of the population of these areas was displaced in the past hours and days, after the promotion of this information issued by political leaders from the Democratic Union Party, the Democratic Society Movement and military and security leaders in the region.

This information is circulated through meetings with employees and staff, to raise awareness in the event of a Turkish attack.

The Asayish leaders had held a meeting in the past few days and asked their members to decide whether to stay or leave with their families from the area in the event of a military attack. 

The same for institutions and parties, while leaders have asked members and staff to be vigilant.

The Syrian Observatory has monitored unusual movements of SDF in the northern and north-western countryside of Hasakeh, as its members have been checking the area for the past ten days. 

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