The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

After attack on Turkish post | Turkish forces shell Kurdish positions in northern Aleppo countryside

Aleppo Province- Syrian Observatory for Human Rights:

SOHR sources say that Turkish forces shelled with heavy artillery from their military bases stationed in the northern Aleppo countryside positions in the villages of Aqiba, Soghanka and Burj al-Qass in the Shirawa area within areas held by Kurdish forces, leaving a number of people wounded in the village of Burj al-Qass.

This followed a ground shelling on Turkish post in the village of Al-Ghazzawi a little while ago.

SOHR sources said that a number of Turkish soldiers were injured today by ground shelling targeting the Turkish military post in the village of Al-Ghazawiya, west of Afrin.

According to The Syrian Observatory, the missiles were launched from the northern Aleppo countryside, which is under the control of regime and Kurdish forces, coinciding with the fight of unidentified reconnaissance drone over the area.

Turkish forces and proxy factions had shelled with artillery the villages of Maranaz al-Malikia and Shawarga in Sharan district within areas held by Kurdish forces in the northern Aleppo countryside.