The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Intensive clashes break out between Jabhat al- Nusra and other Islamic factions against Shohadaa al- Yarmouk Brigade in Sahem al- Jolan

Violent clashes have taken place sice this morning between Shohadaa al- Yarmouk Brigade in the town of Sahem al- Jolan in the western countryside of Daraa that witnessed tension and alert for members of Borouj al- Islam Brigade yesterday where they establish checkpoints in the town and its vicinity after Shohadaa al- Yarmouk Brigade arrested the leader of Borouj al- Islam Brigade with his guards in the west of Daraa.


Meanwhile, the countryside of al- Quneitera witnessed clashes yesterday between fighters of Ahrar al- Sham, Jaysh al- Islam, Jabhat al- Nusra and other Islamic battalions from one side and Saraya al- Jihad from the other side in al- Qahtaniyyi, al- Adnaniyyi and Rasem al- Sholah in the countryside of al- Quneitera, coincided with mutual bombardment, where the number of fighters of Jabhat al- Nusra and the Islamic battalions who died in these clashes has risen to 14, including 2 from Saudi Arabia and 6 fighters killed day before yesterday in an ambush carried out by Saraya al- Jihad when they was going to support other fighters clashing against the regime forces and allied militiamen. The same clashes resulted in the death of 9 fighters of Saraya al- Jihad while 15 others were arrested. Jbahat al- Nusra and other Islamic faction could advance and seize some posts and positions of Saraya al- Jihad.