The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Daraa | Unknown gunmen assassinate former opposition leader of settled-status members in countryside

Daraa governorate – Syrian Observatory for Human Rights:

SOHR activists say that unidentified gunmen targeted a member of the Air-Force Intelligence branch in Tasil town in western Daraa countryside, killing him instantly, and injuring a civilian who was with him.

It is worth nothing that had struck a reconciliation deal with the regime after previously serving as a leader of an opposition faction.

This brings the number of attacks and assassination attempts in various forms and methods by detonating IEDs, mines, booby-trapped vehicles and shootings from last June to date, to more than 665 attacks.

While the number of those who killed and died in the same period has risen to 441 persons, 122 of whom are civilians, including 12 women and 15 children, in addition to 199 regime soldiers, loyalists and collaborators with regime security services.

78 members of opposition factions were also killed, those who made “settlements and reconciliations” with the regime and became members of regime security services, including former leaders, and 23 members of Syrian militias affiliated to Lebanese “Hezbollah” and Iranian forces, in addition to 21 members of so-called “Fifth Corps”.