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Arab press: Severe crisis in Syrian government areas, Washington forces Turkey to retreat in eastern Mediterranean

The regions of the Syrian government are witnessing a severe economic crisis and stagnation, the first of its kind, while the French deadline for Lebanese politicians ends today without forming a government, while observers believe that the Turkish retreat in the eastern Mediterranean is a result of the American support for Greece.

On Tuesday morning, Arab newspapers have discussed the economic crisis in the regions of the Syrian government, in addition to the Lebanese crisis, and the Western-Turkish tension in the eastern Mediterranean.

Al-Sharq al-Awsat: Long car queues in front of stations due to the fuel crisis

The Arab newspapers published this morning on the Syrian issue dealt with several topics, the most prominent of which was the deteriorating living situation and the severe economic crisis in the areas of the Syrian government. Syria and its capital, with the start of the new school year, as the state of its residents was never worse than it is today, due to the exacerbation of the crises of securing bread at the subsidized government price and gasoline, the cost of living has doubled fantastically, the citizens’ purchasing power has declined, expensiveness.

In the past few days, the crisis of securing bread at the subsidized government price (50 pounds per bundle consisting of 8 loaves) has exacerbated with the closure of many bakeries due to the shortage of flour, and unprecedented overcrowding in front of it, as well as stampedes and quarrels among citizens, amid government confusion and promises Finding a solution has not yet seen the light.

The continuing worsening of the bread supply crisis is accompanied by the increasing crisis of the availability of gasoline, and the swelling of scenes of car queues lining up in front of gas stations day after day, so that some Syrians are talking about a “six-day crisis” (bread, gasoline, household gas, electricity, water, medicine.) Is ravaging the country.

This comes at a time when the scene of unprecedented stagnation has become the common denominator of most of the Damascene markets, as the buying and selling movement appears to be very weak, especially at stores that sell meat and chicken. Since the beginning of his work, he has not witnessed a stagnation in the sales process, as is the case today. “

UN reports and studies estimate that more than 87 percent of Syrians in government-controlled areas live under the poverty line, as the average monthly income of state workers does not exceed sixty thousand Syrian pounds, while economists estimate that a family of 5 people needs more than half a million liras.

For its part, the “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” said yesterday: “The severe fuel crisis continues in all the Syrian governorates under the control of the Syrian regime, amid an exacerbation of the crisis without the regime authorities being able to contain it.”

Sources reported that a dispute arose between several citizens while they were waiting for a petrol station in Hama, so that the dispute developed between them to display the weapon and one person killed the other by shooting him directly.

At the beginning of the month, the “Syrian Observatory” reported that 3 civilians were wounded by gunfire, following a dispute over a fuel station south of As-Suwayda, while civilians were lining up to get a place to fill in petrol.

Al-Bayan: Lebanon … Macron’s deadline ends today, and no government is formed

Regarding the Lebanese issue, Al-Bayan newspaper said: “The Prime Minister-designate, Mustafa Adeeb, put the Lebanese President, Michel Aoun, in the atmosphere of the consultations that he is conducting to form the government, without offering any line-up, while today, Tuesday, the deadline set by French President Emmanuel Macron for the political class to complete Authoring “.

Adeeb preferred to be patient in presenting his government formation to Aoun, and paved the way for further consultations, after he was supposed to present his formation yesterday during his visit to the Republican Palace. This slowing down mainly indicates the size of the obstacles facing a group that can be considered exceptional in Lebanon, especially since it was expected that a mini government would not include the names of those affiliated with the parties, in light of French and international pressure on officials to facilitate the formation process.

Yesterday, the French Foreign Ministry considered that all Lebanese political forces need to fulfill their pledge to form a government quickly. In response to a question about whether Paris will accept a delay in forming the government, spokesperson Agnes von der Maul said that the Lebanese political forces have been repeatedly reminded of the need to quickly form a government to be able to implement basic reforms.

Al-Arab: Washington’s support for Athens curbed Ankara’s escalation in the eastern Mediterranean

Concerning the Western-Turkish tension in the eastern Mediterranean, Al-Arab newspaper said: “The American push towards Cyprus and Greece forced Turkey to review its escalatory policies in the eastern Mediterranean and its tendency to settle the crisis peacefully with its neighbors, after it repeatedly hinted at the possibility of resorting to a military solution to settle disputes.

The American military involvement in support of Athens and Nicosia contributed to changing the balance of power in the region, after the tide was tilted in favor of Ankara, which views the controversial immigration file as a political blackmail card that can be used to block any European punitive steps.

Observers confirm that this new US move in the eastern Mediterranean cannot be separated from Turkey’s sudden announcement Sunday, of withdrawing a vessel for gas exploration whose mission was supposed to be longer, as Turkish officials had rejected European calls to withdraw it and stop provocations in preparation for the start of talks.

On Monday, a military ground maneuver using tanks, in which Greece and the United States participated, began for five days near the land border with Turkey, in a move described by observers as firm American signals in anticipation of any Turkish adventure. The Greek “Open TV” channel indicated that the joint exercises of Greece and the United States with the participation of tanks and armored vehicles will be held in order to maintain the utmost preparedness.

This is the first time that Americans participate in such ground exercises in northeastern Greece. Where it was previously conducted Greek military exercises with the participation of military units from France and the United Arab Emirates.

The joint Greek-American tank maneuvers were announced on September 8, amid reports from Ankara about the transfer of 40 Turkish tanks to the border with Greece.

Source: Arab press: Severe crisis in Syrian government areas, Washington forces Turkey to retreat in eastern Mediterranean  – ANHA | HAWARNEWS | English

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