The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Regime attacks | Forces resume intensive shelling on towns and villages in southern Idlib countryside

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has monitored this morning renewed intensive rocket attacks by regime forces on the southern countryside of Idlib, targeting areas in al-Barah, Deir Sunbol, Benin and its bushes, Kansafra, Safohin, Al-Fatira, Halauba and Falifel. No casualties have been reported. The attacks coinceded with the flight of reconnaissance drones over the area.

Yesterday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored sporadic clashes with heavy and medium weapons, between regime forces and loyalists on the one hand, and rebels and Islamic factions on the other, on frontline of the village of Al-Ruwayha in Idlib countryside.

Meanwhile, flares were fired on the frontlines, while regime forces shelled the villages of Benin and its bushes, Al-Mozra, Safohin and the town of al-Bara in Jabal al-Zawiya. No casualties have been reported so far.