The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

New blast | IED explodes in rebel-held Tal Halaf, causing material damage

Syrian Observatory activists have monitored an IED explosion this afternoon in Tal Halaf town in the western countryside of Ras Al-Ain (Sere Kaniye). The explosion caused material damage, but no casualties have been reported.


On Tuesday, Observatory activists reported a new armed fight in “Peace Spring” areas between two groups of “Shuhdaa Al-Sferah” faction, near the automated bread bakery in Ras Al-Ain (Sere Kaniye), which left several members injured. The faction of “Al-Hasakah Shield” interfered later to defuse the disagreement between the two groups. However, the reasons behind this fight remained unknown.


On Sunday, reliable sources told SOHR that tension was growing in Ras Al-Ain city (Sere Kaniye) between “Al-Mu’tasim Division” and the “Civil Police”, in the wake of shooting several young people by a member of “Al-Mu’tasim Division” in “Allouk Gharbi” village in Ras Al-Ain countryside. The gunfire killed a young man from the village, while he was trying to steal a motorcycle.


After the incident, the Civil Police amassed and deployed troops in the Allouk Gharbi village to Ras Al-Ain city, in an attempt to exert pressure on “Al-Mu’tasim Division” to hand over the murderer and try him.


Reliable sources had informed SOHR that militiamen of the Turkish-backed “National Army” arrested two girls in “Peace Spring” areas, after crossing from Al-Hasakah city to Al-Raqqah countryside on their way to Turkey. The girls were arrested in Tal Abyad in Al-Raqqah countryside and taken to an unknown destination.