A mine explosion in Afrin killing a woman and wounding a man • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

A mine explosion in Afrin killing a woman and wounding a man

The explosion was caused by a landmine, which has blasted due to an agricultural tractor in the village,

Local sources reported to North-Press that the spouses Nazmi Hanan Ismail and his wife Amina were heading to their land, when a landmine exploded with their agricultural tractors on the road leading to the orchards.

The explosion killed the wife and injured the husband, and they were transferred to Afrin City Hospital.

The sources pointed out that the couple had often taken this route since the Turkish armed opposition groups took control of the Afrin region in 2018, without anything incidents.

Since the control of the Turkish forces and their proxies in March 2018, Afrin region has been witnessing a security chaos, explosions and constant tension.

Turkish-backed armed opposition armed groups also practice continuous violations of looting, killing, kidnapping, assault and seizing the property of the residents of the area.

Roj Kalko, the official of Media and Documentation Office in the Kurdish Red Crescent told North-Press earlier that the number of landmines and war remnants casualties has reached about 70 victims, where about 31 deaths and 39 injuries were recorded. He confirmed that the majority of the victims were from Afrin IDPs, the last case was recorded two days ago.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, 356 people, including 70 women and 105 children, lost their lives due to the explosion of mines and explosive devices and the collapse of cracked residential buildings of war remnants in separate areas of Syria, from January 2019 until today.

Source: A mine explosion in Afrin killing a woman and wounding a man – North press agency

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