The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Idlib | Four regime soldiers killed and wounded in jihadists’ attack by thermal missile

SOHR sources have monitored tense calm prevailing throughout the “de-escalation zone” since the early hours of Monday morning, interrupted by regime ground bombardment on positions in Al-Fterah, Kansafrah, Sfuhen and Fulayfel in southern Idlib.


On the other hand factions operating under the banner of “Al-Fateh Al-Mubin” operations room fired a thermal missile on a group of regime soldiers, killing and injuring four.


Yesterday, SOHR sources reported hearing unknown explosions in the regime-controlled village of Kafr Batikh in the south of Saraqeb, believed to be drone attack by factions operating in the area.


On the other hand, regime forces shelled the surrounding areas of Afes and Majizar villages in Idlib countryside, where several Turkish military posts are located.