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Russia, now making war with Octopus, will compete with American Killer Dolphin at sea

Russia has embarked on major preparations to deal with the ever-changing security challenges in the world. To save soldiers from being injured in the war, Russian President Vladimir Putin is making new weapons to sea creatures. A Russian scientist has claimed that batches of killer octopus are being prepared in an underground lake in the Arctic on Putin’s orders. This creature can hunt any person from a distance of 150 feet.Octopus is given the name Organism 46-B
According to the news of to Dot UK, a Russian scientist doctor Anton Padalka has claimed that he was part of the mission in the Arctic. It was through this that huge sea creatures were discovered. He also stated that the organism was named Organism 46-B. He claimed that Russia is making a complete scod of these sea creatures in Vostok lake.

This sea killer was found by Arctic lake
Doctor Anton Padalca reported that this giant octopus was discovered from a freshwater lake built under two miles of thick ice in the Arctic. It has poisonous long arms. Due to which two Russian scientists went on this expedition. On the first day, this huge octopus damaged our radio, after which we took the help of alarm.

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This octopus can kill enemy from 150 feet away

The Russian scientist claimed that it was capable of killing its prey from a distance of 150 feet by throwing its poison into the water. The sad thing is that my colleague and life long friend was killed by his poison during the trend. After which he swallowed a large part of his body through his giant claws.

Russia created killer dolphin fish army, devastation in Syria

Russian octopus will compete with American killer dolphin
The US Navy has been training spying dolphins for the past several decades. These dolphins are equipped with fish sensors that detect under-sea explosives and sometimes submarines. These dolphin fishes were trained in reconnaissance of Russian submarine during the Cold War times. According to the 2016 report, the US is also training killer shark fish to attack the enemy’s submarine.

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Russia already uses marine organisms
In the past also, Russia has carried out many operations through sea creatures. During the Cold War, Russia used dolphins for submarine, flag mines as well as for the maintenance of ships. Recent images from the satellite reveal that Russia has also deployed trained dolphin fishes along with its submarines in Syria battling civil war.

Source: Russia, now making war with Octopus, will compete with American Killer Dolphin at sea – Pledge Times

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