The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

“De-escalation zone” | Regime forces shell areas in rural Hama and Idlib, and attack factions’ positions in western Aleppo

SOHR sources say that regime forces shelled, this morning, areas in Al-Ziyara and Wasit hill in Sahl al-Ghab, north-west of Hama, and al-Fatira in southern countryside of Idlib. Clashes took place between regime forces and loyalists on one side, and opposition factions on the other, on frontline of Al-Habata in western Aleppo countryside. No casualties have been reported.

Yesterday, SOHR sources said that the “National Front” factions were able to repel an infiltration attempt and plant landmines regime forces on the Arbekh frontline, east of the town of Taftanaz in Idlib countryside, coinciding with exchange fire with heavy and medium weapons.

On the other hand, regime forces shelled the town of Kansafra, Al-Fatira, Kafr Aweid and Safohin in Jabal al-Zawiya in Idlib countryside