Appeal from humanitarian and human rights organizations to the UN Secretary-General, the president of the European Commission and the presidency of the UN Security Council • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Appeal from humanitarian and human rights organizations to the UN Secretary-General, the president of the European Commission and the presidency of the UN Security Council

Mr. Antonio Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations
Ms. Ursula Von Derlin, President of the European Commission
UN Security Council Presidency
* Distinguished *

A few hours ago, an atmosphere of fear and anticipation dominated the north-eastern areas of Syria, following the sudden US decision to withdraw US military forces from some border points with Turkey, coinciding with the escalating Turkish threat to invade and occupy the areas of northeast Syria, which include nearly five million Syrians. This Turkish threat is primarily aimed at bringing about large-scale demographic change in the region, and paving the way for future ethnic wars between the components of the region, which will contribute to the complexity and deepening of the region. The Syrian problem and the obstruction of international efforts aimed at solving it peacefully and stopping the bleeding of Syrian blood.

The looming military operation portends serious consequences and a humanitarian catastrophe: the displacement of millions of inhabitants of these relatively safe areas compared to the rest of the other Syrian regions, which means that it will become a burden on the United Nations and the European Union, not to mention the risks of the Turkish invasion on the fate of thousands of ISIS fighters detained by the SDF, who are time-bombs that threaten peace and security worldwide.

In light of the above, the credibility of the United Nations today is at stake if it does not act to respect its charter, as the Turkish invasion constitutes a flagrant violation of its charter, as is the case with the international community and the free world, where everyone is facing a moral test to fulfill their moral obligations towards the forces and peoples. The region, which fought the terrorist organization on behalf of the world, has provided thousands of martyrs from the finest of its people, which requires protecting them and deter Turkey from carrying out its threats.
We, the undersigned Syrian civil and human rights organizations, appeal to you to fulfill your moral and legal obligations towards the peoples of the region, and to act swiftly and immediately to exert pressure on Turkey to urge it and deter it from invading northern Syria in order to avoid the massacres that may occur there against the innocent civilians, as happened in the Afrin region.
1- Syrian Observatory for Human Rights
2 – Sham Center for Democratic Studies and Human Rights
3 – Kurdish legal body
4. Association for the Defense of Threatened Peoples – Germany
5 – Human Rights Organization in Syria – MAF
6 – Association for the Defense of Human Rights in Austria
7- Human Rights Committee – MAF
8-Syrian Center for Civil Society and Human Rights Studies
9- Kurdish Committee for Human Rights in Syria (Al-Monitor)
10. Mahabad Organization for Human Rights
11-Kurdish Organization for Human Rights in Syria (DAD)
12- Violations Documentation Center in Northern Syria
13- Isdina Foundation for Documentation of Violations
14- Hefei Kurdish Society in Belgium
15. Peace for Human Rights in Geneva
16. The Yezidi Foundation
17 – Justice Center for Human Rights
18- Working Group for Afrin
19. The Kurds Without Borders Organization
20- Al Jazeera Development Organization
21-Rove Human Development Organization
22-Human Rights Organization in the island
23- Human Rights Organization in the Euphrates
24- Human Rights Organization in Afrin
25- National Organization for Human Rights in Syria
26. Syrian Women’s Council
27- Hitma Organization for Cultural and Social Development
28- Shams Organization for Development and Rehabilitation
29- The Center for Peace and Freedom of Civil Society and Human Rights
30- Women’s Democratic Network
31- Sara Organization against Violence against Women

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