The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Drone attack | Airstrikes hit jihadist organizations’ vehicle, west of Idlib city

SOHR activists say that a drone, believed to be affiliated with the International Coalition, targeted a “Santa Fe” vehicle, west of Idlib city, believed to belong to a jihadist. No further details have been reported so far.

On September 14, reliable sources informed SOHR that a commander of the “Huras al-Din” organization of Tunisian nationality was killed today, after a drone belonging to the International Coalition targeted his car in Al-Qusoor neighbourhood of Idlib city, using “Ninja” missiles which are being used by the International Coalition forces in such drones attacks.

Syrian Observatory activists had monitored drones striking a vehicle carrying a jihadist in Al-Qusur neighbourhood in Idlib city. The attack resulted in the killing of the driver and destroying the vehicle.