The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Regime attacks | Forces shell areas in Jabal al-Zawiya, as Turkish column stops in the area

SOHR sources have monitored, this morning, a rocket attack targeting Al-Fatira, Kansafra, Safohin, Fleifel, Al-Halaouba, Al-Ankawi, Ruwayha and Benin in the southern Idlib countryside.

The attack coincided with the stoppage of a Turkish column carrying trucks and vehicles, north of the town of Arnaba in Jabal al-Zawiya.

Yesterday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored the arrival of a military column of Turkish forces to the village of Qoqfin in the western part of Jabal al-Zawiya in southern countryside of Idlib.

Turkish forces have set up a new military post there, the first in that area.

Regime forces have repeatedly tried to advance and take control of the village.