The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Security chaos in Syrian provinces | Indiscriminate gunfire injures child in al-Hadara neighbourhood in Homs

Homs Governorate – Syrian Observatory for Human Rights:

SOHR sources say that a girl aged two and a half years was injured by an indiscriminate gunfire while she was in al-Hadara neighbourhood in the Syrian regime-controlled neighbourhoods of Homs. The child was taken to al-Zayem hospital in the city. This comes as part of the security chaos in all Syrian provinces and the aftermath of the war.

Yesterday, reliable sources informed SOHR that a Russian military vehicle ran over a woman and her son, on October 14, near Khaled Ibn Al-Waleed mosque on the outskirts of Al-Rastan city in the northern countryside of Homs.

The accident left the six-year old child dead, while his mother sustained serious injuries. It is worth noting that the Russian vehicle kept moving after the accident and did not stop to check or relief the child and his mother.

A similar accident took place on July 23 when a nine-year old child dead, after a Russian vehicle ran over him in Talbiseh town in the northern countryside of Homs, as a patrol of three Russian vehicles were touring the area. The patrol also continued its way on Aleppo-Damascus international highway (M5).

While in mid-June, a child died after a Russian armoured vehicle ran over him in Al-Rastan city, while touring the city. It is worth noting that the vehicle did not stop to aid the child.