The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Military post evacuation | Tens of Turkish trucks and vehicles leave Murek in hours

As the Turkish army continues withdrawing its troops from Murek military post, which is located in regime-controlled areas in the northern countryside of Hama, SOHR activists have reported seeing tens of Turkish military vehicles and trucks leaving Murek since the early hours of Tuesday morning, carrying cement blocks, military and logistical supplies on their way to Maar Hattat in Idlib countryside.


Yesterday, reliable sources informed SOHR that civilian trucks arrived at the Turkish post in Murek in areas controlled by the Syrian regime in north Hama countryside. Turkish forces began evacuating the military post and loading equipment into trucks in preparation for leaving it, in accordance with the Russian-Turkish agreement.


Reliable sources also informed the Syrian Observatory that Turkish forces continued their preparations to withdraw from their military posts within the Syrian regime-controlled areas in the rural Hama and Idlib, in accordance with the Russian-Turkish agreement. According to SOHR sources, Turkish forces continued to dismantle equipment in Murek, Sher Maghar in the western and northern countryside of Hama, Al-Sarman, Tal Touqan, Tarnabeh, Mardikh, Ma’ar Hatat, and the post in eastern Saraqeb in east and south-east Idlib countryside. Moreover, reports suggested an imminent withdrawal of the Turks from their posts, which are located in regime-controlled areas in Aleppo countryside, in accordance with the agreement with the Russians.


On Sunday, SOHR sources said that a truck driver was killed on the international highway near Saraqeb city, as regime forces opened fired on rented trucks used to transport equipment of Turkish post in Murek in the north of Hama. It is worth noting that Syrian trucks entered from the area of Al-Tarnaba and headed to Saraqeb to reach Damascus-Aleppo international highway (M5).


On that day, reliable sources told SOHR that Turkish forces, stationed in Murek observation post in regime-controlled areas in the northern countryside of Hama, started disassembling the observation post, in preparation for leaving it. It is worth noting that the observation post in Murek is the largest Turkish military post in northern Hama and the Turks have been stationed there for nearly two years and four months.


The evacuation of Murek post continued, although the Turkish president repeatedly announced that regime forces had to leave all areas captured since April 2019, and despite his threats to expel regime forces in the case that they did not withdraw.


Furthermore, SOHR sources reported this morning, Tuesday, rocket attacks by regime forces on positions in Sfuhen, Fulayfel, Al-Faterah, Kansafrah and Bayanin in the southern countryside of Idlib, but no casualties were reported.


Meanwhile, opposition factions fired several rockets on regime positions on several frontlines in southern Idlib.


On Monday, Observatory sources reported that regime forces, stationed in Sahl Al-Ghab shelled Al-Ziyyara town, shelled Tal Waset village and its surrounding areas in the northern countryside of Hama. On the other hand, SOHR activists monitored frequent flights by reconnaissance drones over the “de-escalation zone”.