The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Violations | Ankara-backed factions clamp down on Afrin’s Kurds, arresting two civilians in Ma’abatli area

SOHR sources say that the Ankara-backed factions arrested a civilian, while he was in his olive field in the village of “Sheikh Hitko” in the district of Ma’abatli in rural Afrin in north-west Aleppo.

Meanwhile, Ankara-backed factions arrested a civilian from the village of “Shoraba” in Ma’abatli area from his home in the city of Afrin, and took him to an unknown destination, without knowing the reasons and motives for the arrest.

On October 22, SOHR sources said that Turkish-backed factions continued their violations against the people of Afrin who have refused to leave the canton. Since Turkish forces captured Afrin canton, these factions have practiced various violations against the residents there on a daily basis, including looting, imposing levies, kidnapping, arresting, seizure of private properties and agricultural crops.

Moreover, the Turkish-backed factions’ violations also affected people who have been displaced from several Syrian territories to Afrin, according to Russian-Turkish agreements. 

In this context, reliable SOHR sources have confirmed that the Turkish-backed factions continued looting olive crops belonging to residents in villages in rural Afrin in the north-western countryside of Aleppo.

In Maydan Ikbis, towns and villages in Ma’batli district and other areas in rural Afrin, the factions seized agricultural crops and imposed levies in return for allowing these areas’ residents to harvest their crops.