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Coronavirus in Autonomous Administration-held areas | Confirmed cases exceed 20,000, while over 600 die so far.

Disastrous medical situation in Ain Al-Arab (Kobani)

As the Syrian Observatory continues monitoring and tracking coronavirus outbreaks in areas under the control of the “Autonomous Administration in northern and north-eastern Syria”, reliable medical sources have confirmed that the infections have exceeded 20,100, of whom 1,900 cases have been recovered, while 605 other cases died.


According to SOHR sources, Ain Al-Arab city (Kobani) is still experiencing broad spread of the virus, as 6,200 infections have been detected so far in the city. In addition, many civilians in Kobani are showing symptoms of COVID-19, amid disastrous humanitarian and medical situations.


SOHR sources have also reported coronavirus outbreaks in Al-Hasakah city and countryside, Deir Ezzor and Al-Raqqah, but less dramatically, as the total number of infections in the three provinces have approximated 13,900.


Meanwhile, the medical sector in the areas controlled by the Autonomous Administration is suffering from deteriorating and disastrous situation, amid the health department’s incapacity to  test people showing COVID-19 symptoms. The Autonomous Administration-held areas also experienced the death of tens of infected people due to the lack of appropriate medical care.


It is worth noting that the official number of infection cases announced by the Autonomous Administration’s health department has reached 5,247, of whom 771 cases have been recovered, while 135 other cases died.