The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Chronic crises in regime-controlled areas | Poor transportation services ignite public anger

People in regime-held areas throughout Syria are suffering from a stifling transportation crisis, as they are forced to wait for hours for a bus or taxi to be able to move from one area to another. The congestion on public transportation is attributed to the low amounts of fuel allocated by regime authorities to the drivers of taxies and other means of public transportation because of the ongoing fuel crisis in regime-held areas. In addition, the fees of private transportation is relatively high and unaffordable, as the owners of these vehicles are forced to buy fuel from black market at higher prices than in gas stations.


According to SOHR sources, the transportation crisis is concentrated in vital areas across the Syrian provinces, especially during the rush hours, accordingly, residents face many challenges when traveling between cities and countryside because of the lack of public transportation.


Areas under the control of the Syrian regime have been suffering from fuel crisis for nearly three months, despite the regime’s officials promised to put an end to the crisis at the end of September, as maintenance of Homs refinery would be accomplished. However, fuel crisis is still underway.