The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

A woman stoned to death for “Adultery” in Deir Ezzor


Deir Ezzor Province: The regime forces shelled places in the neighborhood of al- Hamidiyyi with no information about casualties.


Cross- cutting information reported to SOHR activists that IS stoned to death a woman for “adultery” in al- Kanisa area in the city of al- Bo Kamal in east of Deir Ezzor.


Yesterday, SOHR published that that the official of “Ombudsman Office and Public Relations” informed relatives of 5 young men of al- Mayadin people that IS executed them for “apostasy, incitement to fight Islamic State and sodomy.” The sources confirmed that IS executed 4 of them for “apostasy and incitement to fight IS” in one of IS headquarters, while they executed the fifth one for “sodomy” by throwing him off mountain”. This is considered the first time that IS executed citizens from the city not publicly.


4 days ago, SOHR also published that IS executed 464 people in its- held areas in Syria in the eleventh month of the declaration of its alleged “caliphate”, where the executions carried out in the period from April 28 to May 28 in 2015, where they executed 149 (14 children and 13 women ) civilians in the provinces of al- Raqqa, Deir Ezzor, al- Hasakah, Homs, Aleppo, Reef Dimahq,  The 149 included ( 67 civilians from the city of Palmyra 5 of them were from one family, 6 were nurses, and 6 rebels including a commander, in addition to 13 IS militants and 296 regime forces ).


Charges have ranged from insulting God (blasphemy),  spying for the benefit of the Nusayri  regime , Sodomy, Fighting IS, apostasy, betrayal, protesting against the IS, coordinating with the awakening movements in Turkey, spying against IS, belonging to NDF, shiism, drugs traffic, banditry, dealing and supporting YPG sleeping cells to fight IS, being trained by the international coalition in Turkey, establishing wakening movements to fight IS, recruiting al- Shaitaat people in Palmyra camp, and opposing the Friday’s sermon of an Imam of a mosque in the city of al- Mayadin.”


The death toll is as follows:


1511 civilians, including 23 children and 32 women. They were executed by beheading, shooting or stoning in the provinces of Deir Ezzor, al- Raqqa, al- Hasakah, Aleppo, Reef Dimashq, Homs and Hama. 930 out of 1511 are from al- Shaitaat tribe in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor.


143 fighters of Jabhat al- Nusra, the rebel and Islamic battalions. IS executed them after arresting them either in clashes between the mentioned battalions and IS or on IS- checkpoint.


Islamic State also executed 139 of its own members for “exceeding the limits in religion and spying for foreign countries”; most of them executed after arresting them during their attempt to come back home.


825 officers and soldiers of the regime forces. They were arrested during clashes between IS and the regime forces.


Thus, the number of civilians, fighters and members of the regime forces and allied militiamen who were executed in IS- held areas in Syria since the declaration of its alleged “caliphate” in 6/28/2014 until 5/28/2015 has risen to 2618.