The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The clashes continue in north of Aleppo and renew in the neighborhood of al- Rashedin


Aleppo Province: The clashes between IS militants against the rebel and Islamic battalions are still taking place near Kafra area and village of al- Wahsheyyi in north of Aleppo, information reported casualties on both sides and conflicting information about the party which seizes the village of al- Wahsheyyi. Other clashes broke out between Jabhat al- Nusra, Jabhat Ansra al Din, the rebel and Islamic battalions against the regime forces supported by NDF, al Quds al Filastini Brigade, Hezbollah and Shia fighters from Iran and Afghanistan in al- Breij area at the eastern northern entrance of Aleppo. Clashes erupted between the regime forces, backed by NDF and Hezbollah militiamen, against the rebel and Islamic battalions on the outskirts of the neighborhood of al- Rashidin in west of Aleppo.


Information reported that 4 people, including a child, died due to fall of a shell launched by IS on the village of Om Housh.


Information reported that a helicopter crashed as it was landing in Ma’amel al- Difa’ in al- Sfiri area.


The helicopters dropped a barrel bomb on al- Jandoul area.


A suspected surface- to- surface missile, launched by the regime forces, landed on the neighborhood of Bostan al- Qaser in the city of Aleppo wounding some people.