The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Torture victims | After killed in prison, Turkish-backed military police hand over body of young man from Afrin to his family

Aleppo Province – Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: Turkish backed military police and Turkish intelligence handed over the body of a young man from Afrin, killed under torture in Maarratah prison, to his family this morning.


According to SOHR sources, the Turkish intelligence arrested the young man with other civilians in September during a security campaign in Jendires city. In their medical report, the prison’s administration claimed that the young man died of a heart attack, but his family accused the Turkish-backed factions of “torturing their son to death” and that the factions issued a fabricated medical report in order to cloak their violations against the people of Afrin.


It is worth noting that Turkish forces and their proxy factions are continuing arbitrary arrests, although their prisons have become full.


Reliable SOHR sources confirmed earlier that Turkish forces established a new prison in Afrin canton in the north-western countryside of Aleppo, where a private building in Maydan Ikbis village of Rajou district in Afrin countryside, near the Syria-Turkey border, was turned into a prison of the Turkish intelligence.


According to SOHR sources, an estimated 100 to 150 detainees arrested earlier by Turkish forces and their proxy factions for various charges were transported to the new prison. However, no accurate information was reported so far about the detainees’ identities and if they were prominent figures whether politicians, military personnel or civilians. It is worth noting that the prison is under Turkey’s direct supervision.