YPG denies the accusations of killing Arab civilians, and the people accuse them of murdering 20 civilians • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights
The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

YPG denies the accusations of killing Arab civilians, and the people accuse them of murdering 20 civilians

SOHR received a copy of a statement issued by YPG, where they have denied the accusations against them by activists and oppositionists that they have carried out executions against civilians in Ras al- Ayn (Sari Kanyeh). According to the statement “some mass media have circulated news accusing YPG of committing acts of reprisals and killing against the Arab civilians in the village of Shakhat located in the western countryside of Sari Kanyeh. We, in the general command of YPG, declared to the public opinions and to all mass media that this news is nothing but merely a false one and contradicts with all events and facts appeared during liberating the mentioned village by YPG.”


The statement mentioned the details of this incident that “ in May 24, 2015, between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. Daesh was fortified in the village of Abo Shakhat and besieging the people of this village to use them as human shields in the clashes that erupted in the area, and when our forces tried to liberate the besieged civilians in the village IS members detonated a booby- trapped vehicle among people who started to move towards our forces. The explosion resulted in the death of some civilians as well as death of 2 of our fighters. Although what happened our forces could save the lives of more than 30 civilinas of the village and they are still in our areas till the moment.”


“in this statement, we want again to show the reality for all people and  reaffirm our commitment to the principles  of co-existence and respect human rights,” YPG ended this statement.


Meanwhile several local resources of the people of the countryside of Ras al- Ayn (Sari Kanyeh) in the province of al- Hasakah informed SOHR 3 days ago that 20 civilians, including 2 childern, 5 women and pharmacist, killed in southwest of the city of Ras al- Ayn (Sari Kanyeh); the people accused YPG of executing the civilians by shooting them in the village of Abo Shakhat seized by YPG during their last attack on the village. Others local resources reported to SOHR that YPG has destroyed and burned houses in several villages in Tal Tamer and Ras al- Ayn pretending that the owners of these houses are loyal for Islamic State which attacked the area in February 23, where they could take control over dozens of villages before YPG, backed by al- Khabour Guards Forces, al- Sanadid army affiliated to the governor of al- Jazirah district Hamidi Daham al- Hadi  and the Syriac Military Council, could retake the area and expel IS.