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Unheeded appeals | SOHR renews calls to Autonomous Administration to stop recruiting children

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights renews its appeals to “Autonomous Administration in northern and north-eastern Syria” and Syria Democratic Forces, which are responsible for the region, to put an end immediately to the violations of “Al-Shabiba Al-Thawriyah” (The Revolutionary Youth) against children, including kidnapping children and recruiting them to its military.


We, at the Syrian Observatory, will continue revealing and spotlighting these “shameful” violations against children until “Al-Shabiba Al-Thawriyah” stops recruiting and kidnapping children, especially with the appeals of the kidnapped children’s families to SOHR to disclose the fate of their sons.


On Monday, SOHR sources reported that members of “Al-Shabiba Al-Thawriyah” (The Revolutionary Youth) kidnapped a 14-year-old childe and drove him to their military camp in Al-Hasakah countryside. According to SOHR sources, the child known by his initials as S.K. is from Kharbat Al-Zayb in Al-Qamishli countryside. It is worth noting that a member of the Internal Security Forces (Asayish) attracted the child and took him by his motorcycle to Jawani Shourshokr, the commander of “Al-Shabiba Al-Thawriyah”, near Maharakan checkpoint on the road to Al-Qahtaniyyah town.


On October 27, SOHR activists monitored widespread popular discontent in areas held by the Autonomous Administration and SDF in northern and north-eastern Syria, due to the ongoing recruitment of children by “Al-Shabiba Al-Thawriyah” which turned them into soldiers at a time when these children were supposed to be at home alongside their parents, having a normal childhood and enjoying their most basic rights such as education.


However, “Al-Shabiba Al-Thawriyah” the (Revolutionary Youth) continued these recruitment operations despite all appeals to stop kidnapping children and bring the kidnapped children back to their families, while the orders of the SDF Commander-in-Chief “Mazloum Abdi” remained unheeded. Such practices have contributed to the growing discontent and anger against the Autonomous Administration and SDF which are still unable to put an end to this military structure which destroys childhood in the region.


In October, Syrian Observatory activists documented several kidnappings, including a 16-year-old girl, known by her initials as (F.D.), from Ain al-Arab area (Kobani). The girl was kidnapped and recruited to the ranks of “Al-Shabiba Al-Thawriyah”, amid calls by her family to be brought back, as it is the case of parents of other kidnapped children. Meanwhile, parents continued their appeals to the Syrian Observatory to exert more pressure on relevant parties to secure the release of their children.


Another girl known by her initials as (R.A.) from Al-Darbasiyyah city in rural Al-Hasakah was kidnapped by “Al-Shabiba Al-Thawriyah” and documented by SOHR, as she was taken to “Al-Haykal Al-Askary” camps. It is worth noting that the girl was born in 2004 (only 16 years old), while her family refuse the recruitment of their daughter for fear of her life, calling to be brought back immediately.

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